Reshape the limit
Possibilities of blockchain technology.

Strategies to achieve stability and growth.

Distributed Of Service

Distributed Of Service is a global community composed of white hat hackers and blockchain enthusiasts, leading human beings into a reliable digital life. Distributed Of Service aims to be the next generation blockchain platform by solving scalability and full decentralization issues while providing compatibility with other blockchain platforms through interoperability technology.Through DDOS Chain, projects such as DeFi, NFT, and DEX will be expanded to explore the token economy, global blockchain network, integration, interoperability, and decentralized economic ecosystem, which will connect, change, and the same time, it also promotes the growth of decentralized businesses such as metaverse and artificial intelligence. our blockchains provide the best conditions for them to reach their truest potential. So as to create a new generation of business ecosystem that is fair, transparent, traceable, authentic and credible.

DDOS Core Advantages

Most Prosperous Ecosystem


Supports the expansion of the most widely used ecosystem that provides EVM compatibility and the ultimate user experience for fast transactions with near-zero gas fees.



Building an application chain supported by industry-leading technology and ecosystem, users can interact with tens of thousands of dApps in our ecosystem.



Build a trusted and secure relationship between users and dApps following the principles of self-sovereign identity and privacy.


Cyber Security

Adopt the proof-of-stake mechanism and use pledged DDOS to reach consensus on the network. By staking DDOS, you can get rewards. In this system, validators will not engage in any malicious behavior.


On-chain futures

100% decentralized derivatives protocol on the blockchain through the order book mechanism.


NFT market

Easily mint NFTs, stake to high APR pools or easily sell and buy NFTs on our marketplace.


Instant exchange

Easy, fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange at competitive rates and simplified management for users.



Total supply: 100000000000

Amount destroyed: 30000000000

Circulating supply: 70000000000

User: 15000+



Token Details

Pre-sale: 40 000 000 000

Fluidity: 24 000 000 000

Team: 6 000 000 000

Token mechanism

Buy Sell 1%

1.5% All-round continuous marketing support

0.5% Perpetual Fully Automated Buyback

Road Map

Token applications 1.0

Develop smart contracts and networks

Smart contract released

Influencer marketing

Pancakeswap release

KYC and Audit

Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

Data Circulation 2.0

Multi-chain deployment

Start marketing campaign

Realize the bridge function between ETH and BSC

NFT marketplace/launchpad launch

Cross-chain transmission

Multi-chain pledge

Value circulation 3.0

PC wallet, Android wallet, IOS wallet

Mainnet v0.1 release (beta version)

Mainnet launched

Customized Service 4.0

Customized solutions for third-party agreements

Extend the ecosystem

Developer platform released

Protocol series upgrade

Universal smart contract project launched

Ecological construction 5.0

Listed on top exchanges